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HOWIAL stands for latest technology, customer focus and German craftsmanship in compact finger-jointing machines.

Founded in 1959, HOWIAL is a family enterprise in its third generation. This is reflected in the company’s name. The combination of the founders last name HOfmann with the first name of founder’s father WIlli and his son ALfred creates HOWIAL. The state of the art innovative engineering of compact finger-jointing machines is epitomised by HOWIAL design. Forward thinking design and development inspires the unique feature of compact finger-jointing machines regulated with a software generated production control-system. A seamless and quick first start-up to the client’s production with high standards of performance and service are priority at HOWIAL. Every compact finger-jointing machine, as well as automatic machines for bending strength and shear test undergoes elaborate testing to warrant impeccable function.

From consultations and analysis to set-up and maintenance, our family business guarantees an easy fit and individual solutions to every system. Custom-made design and optimizing workflows are motivation to innovative constructions and newest technology. With an enduring focus on high standards and quality, HOWIAL now has more than 40 years of experience creating long-lasting compact finger-jointing machines to meet operative requirements. HOWIAL stands for tradition, innovation, and perfection made in Germany.