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Years of experience and know-how makes HOWIAL a global market leader in bringing together innovation and strategic analysis to one production house. This enables to synchronize and tailor every step in the process of compact finger-jointing machines.

The software generated production control-system of HOWIAL makes it possible to finish a production process in one operation. Milling, gluing and pressing timber are coordinated as efficiently as possible. The visual logic user interface simplifies every step of operation, combining parameter settings and the production control-system. As a result, data gets recorded and broadcast into one central system. Within this process, initializing the machine and peripheral equipment whilst managing the order are set up in one executional progress. Furthermore, the touch display user interface gives an easy access to controlling the software. The system creates an overview which visualizes the order, progress of the production and status of the facilities. In addition, a protocol sorts out each parameter of the machine connected with the data of production. This specified control system optimizes actual earnings due to early detection of flaws and direct service.

HOWIAL uses solid and advanced technology to meet every customer’s demands. Because we at HOWIAL know, precision requires flexible service and application of outstanding quality.