HVP-28 Flyback

The newest compact finger-jointing machine HVP-28 Flyback can be deployed in different areas.

HVP 28
BSPLT 50/100/150
AS 33


Compared with conventional systems, the patented Flyback compact finger-jointing machine management systems supports a clear and optimized operating workflow. Thanks to its software generated production control-system, the Flyback synchronizes and intertwines every step of the production process as “all in one”. Within this process the report shows an overview of all orders assigned, production and system status. All of these constitutive parts are managed through a higher-level control system, which has access to the controls of the machine, gluing and connecting all machine parameters. Throughout this process, all plant sections as well as
production data are protocolled and visualized on the touch display user interface.

For your production we offer:

  • seamless ability to integrate into existing productions lines
  • complete finger-jointing process is done in one clamping no misalignment of tapered finger joints
  • energy-efficient material flow due to an open roll feed on the side and cross insertion slide-in roller conveyor
  • high sustainability and reduced transportation
  • the new touch free gluing system warrants minimal cleaning effort (different adhesives available on request)
  • optimized chip extraction
  • fully automatic and flexible dimension change within all machine parameters
  • commission production of structural timber or glulam production without any timber waste or adjustment time

Technical Data

Timber width max.:
Timber thickness max.:
Lumber cross section max. with ZL 20 mm:
Pressing force max.:
280mm (320mm x 40 t)
160mm (180mm x 40 t)
180, 310, 370, 500cm²
15, 25, 30, 40 t


Additionally we offer:

  • unstacking and feeding of the raw material
  • stacking of finished goods or order picking
  • chaining of further production processes
  • HOWIAL Visual Logic Software with integrated parameter setting and production control-system