HOWIAL is renowned worldwide for its production of compact finger-jointing machines. Our outstanding visual logic user interface features the latest technology to guarantee an optimized working process. Our patented FLYBACK compact finger-jointing machine is thoroughly developed to meet your standards through a combination of innovative technology and energy efficiency will be matched to your set up and needs.

HOWIAL products provide accurate services from overhaul to your production within easy and well-attuned handling of the machines. The broad application range includes unstacking of raw material, following, sorting and cross cutting. Finger-jointing in compact and packet design, afterwards cutting to final length and stacking of the finger-jointed timber, or chaining with further production processes.

Our fully automatic machines for bending strength and shear strength, test finger-jointed timber and laminated beams and provide measurements of modulus of rupture including immediate calculation and registration according to MPA standards.

Our individual consultations and analysis to determine your fit are based on years of experience in the business and extensive range of technical knowledge. Get in touch with us at any time via our service hotline. Our customer service will give you detailed information on our compact
finger-jointing machines.

HOWIAL warrants German production and quality. All of our products are fabricated in accordance to European Norm and German standards at our manufacturing location in Germany, Reiskirchen-Bersrod.