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Brettschichtholz auf modernste Art

Eine Brettschichtholzproduktion modernster Art inkl. automatischer Festigkeitssortierung für verschiedene Brettschichtholz-Aufbauten. Ausschlaggebend für Herrn Schaffitzel war hier für die Zukunft gerüstet zu sein bis hin zum "Hybrid-Träger".

Structural timber, Duo, Trio

Structural timber made to order

One of the most recent lines for structural timber is located in the very north of germany.

At Holz-Ruser in Bornhöved, 2 compact-finger-jointers of type “Flyback-series” are the center of the online-production of structural timber. Production made to order at shortest time had been the target.

The completely automated handling for dimensional changes, and high capacity had been one of the essential requirements for this kind of production.

Komplettlösung für Brettschichtholz

Ein Höchstmaß an Flexibilität in Verbindung mit einer automatischen Festigkeitssortierung in Flethsee bei Gebr. Schütt.

Highest quality standards

High accuracy of jointing like only achieved in a compact-finger-jointer, although the significant higher capacity compared to standard-compact-finger-jointers, had been the reason to decide a “Flyback” built by HOWIAL at Lignatur AG, for the production of visible, structural ceiling elements. 

Finger jointing machine and crosscut saw for structural timber

HOWIAL has installed a production line at Nussbaumer Holzleimbau AG in Zug (Switzerland). Therewith Nussbaumer received the 3rd finger-jointing machine of HOWIAL.

Latest finger-jointing technology for Fargeot

Fargeot (France) recently replaced his finger-jointing machine for laminated beam production by the latest technology in the field of compact machines.

High performance as well as highest flexibility were the main reasons why Fargeot chose the HOWIAL finger-jointing machine HVP-26 "Flyback".